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gifting and giving massages

What Treatments Can Help Naturally Lessen Your Lupus Symptoms?

Greg Jacobs

If you've recently been diagnosed with lupus, you may be relieved to finally be able to put a name to the condition that has attempted to cripple you with joint pain and fatigue. However, this diagnosis is only the beginning of a lifetime of learning to cope with an auto-immune disorder, and you're likely now wondering what options are available to help you manage your more debilitating symptoms. While medication is available to help reduce the inflammation and pain associated with lupus, these medicines can often have undesirable side effects, and you may be looking for a more natural way to achieve your goals. Read on to learn more about how two related but distinct therapies can help you manage your lupus.

Chiropractic treatment

Because lupus causes your body to attack its own joints and tissues, it can often lead to arthritis-like pain and inflammation. Treatment by a licensed chiropractor experienced in the management of autoimmune disorders can help improve circulation and decrease inflammation in certain joints.

Chiropractic treatment can take a number of forms, but usually involves manual or mechanical manipulation of bones and joints (particularly those in your neck and spine) to "pop" these joints and release them from any surrounding scar tissue that can restrict their movement. Because of joint tenderness and inflammation, the treatments provided to lupus patients are more gentle and less jarring than other types of chiropractic treatments. 

During your treatment, the chiropractor may first take a few X-rays to determine whether any bones or joints are particularly restricted or inflamed, and concentrate treatment on these areas. In other cases, you may be able to request treatment of a certain joint or other area that has been causing you pain. After your chiropractic treatment, you'll likely feel rejuvenated and even a bit taller. You may opt to have these treatments on a regular basis, or only when you're experiencing pain or stiffness.

Restorative massage

This type of massage focuses on jump-starting your body's natural energy mechanisms to help you feel less fatigued. Unlike other types of massage, which are often performed with direct pressure from the hands (or even feet), restorative massage (such as is done by local professionals such as Stephen Parish Massage) involves the use of the masseuse's forearm and elbow to press down on parts of your body and stimulate your body's pressure points. This type of pressure will often improve circulation, which can help reduce inflammation and help you feel more energetic. 

As with chiropractic treatment, it is important to let your masseuse know of your lupus. You are practice treatment, it is important to let your masseuse know of your lupus before you begin. While both therapies can be safe and effective for lupus patients, your chiropractor or masseuse may need to modify certain practices to ensure your safety.


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