gifting and giving massages

gifting and giving massages

Why A Weight Lifter Should Get A Deep Tissue Massage

Greg Jacobs

Did you pick up the hobby of weight lifting and it has caused your body to be in a lot of pain? Going to a clinic for a deep tissue massage might be in your best interest because it can help you feel better as you continue on your weight lifting journey. In this article, learn about the various benefits that a deep tissue massage can provide to you as a weight lifter.

1. Fast Pain Relief

When you undergo a deep tissue massage session, it is likely that you will get pain relief during the same session so you will feel better when you next lift weights. The extent of pain relief can vary and you might need more than one session for the fullest effect. During the session, the therapist will be able to loosen up the bands of muscle tissue in your body that is causing pain. The therapist will use enough pressure during your massage to get the muscles to contract, which is necessary for loosening up congested muscle tissue. As the muscles loosen up, you should immediately notice less pain, but during the contractions you might feel extra pain for a brief moment.

2. More Relaxation

It is important to feel relaxed as a weight lifter so you can perform to your best ability. A deep tissue massage is ideal for feeling more relaxed because it helps to release a hormone that is called oxytocin, which acts as a neurotransmitter in the brain. A deep tissue massage can also release another neurotransmitter that is called serotonin. The neurotransmitter basically triggers signals for relaxation in different areas of the brain, which can help with tension relief from weight lifting.

3. Greater Flexibility

Flexibility plays a vital role in being able to lift weights while extending your arms and legs to the fullest ability. When the therapist is performing a deep tissue massage and stretching the muscles, it promotes more flexibility. You can get into the habit of getting a deep tissue massage on a regular basis for even greater results.

4. Better Blood Circulation

Good blood circulation is important because it can assist with healing torn muscle tissue that sometimes happens when lifting weights. You need blood flowing through your body in a sufficient manner because it carries oxygen that decreases tension from lactic acid building up. Invest in a deep tissue massage so you can experience the benefits as soon as possible.

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