gifting and giving massages

gifting and giving massages

Ideas That Will Help Your Partner Relax While You Are Giving Them A Massage

Greg Jacobs

If you know how to give massages, help your mate relax and unwind with some of the techniques you have learned and by aiding them in the relaxation process by using the ideas below. While your partner is receiving their massage, they may feel their stress levels decrease and feel refreshed after standing on their feet all day.

Play Relaxing Sounds In A Dimly-Lit Room

Set up a portable stereo to play recordings of the sounds that ocean waves, a fountain, rainfall, or stream make so that your loved one feels as if they are in peaceful surroundings, far away from the busy atmosphere that they are used to contending with each day. If your significant other prefers, they can use a pair of headphones to listen to the recordings so that the sounds are not muffled. Use soft lighting in the room where you are completing the massage so that your partner does not become distracted by the glare that standard light bulbs often emit. 

Provide An Eye Mask That Is Heated

A heated eye mask can be used if your partner would like to close their eyes for various portions of the massage or would like to reduce puffiness around their eyes. If they would like to keep their eyes open for the entire session, however, they can still use a heated mask to assist with remaining comfortable during their session. A mask that has a piece of elastic connected to it will allow your loved one to secure it to the back of their head if they decide to rest the eye portion over their forehead, instead of around their eyes. 

Enhance The Surroundings With Decorative Items

Add some simple decorations that your partner can focus on as their muscles are being massaged. Consider the audio selections that they will be listening to and choose embellishments that will help complement them. For instance, if your partner will be listening to ocean waves, you can arrange some seashells around the room. If they will be listening to a waterfall, set up a miniature fountain for them to enjoy. 

If you use all of these suggestions while providing your loved one with a special massage session, they may be able to focus on the techniques that are used as their tension melts away. They may also enjoy themselves so much that they offer you a massage session in return.


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gifting and giving massages

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