gifting and giving massages

gifting and giving massages

Suffering From Irritable Bowel Syndrome? What Natural Treatments Or Therapies Can Help?

Greg Jacobs

If you've recently been diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) following months of stomach cramping, gas, and other unpleasant symptoms, you may be simultaneously relieved to have a name for your ailment but nervous about what lies ahead. Although there are a number of medications designed to treat IBS, there is no cure -- and many of these medications have serious side effects of their own. Are there any natural treatments that can help ease your IBS symptoms without causing additional problems? Read on to learn more about some natural, non-medication treatments and therapies that can provide some relief from your IBS symptoms. 

Visceral manipulation therapy (VMT)

This type of therapy is similar to chiropractic treatment but focuses on your internal organs and the muscles holding them in place rather than your spine and joints. VMT can provide relief to patients with IBS by helping move the stomach, colon, and other digestive organs into more comfortable positions. 

Because your organs are all connected with tissues known as viscera, they can often move as a unit -- and anything from pregnancy to chronic constipation could shift these organs into a position where they can't efficiently process waste. During a VMT session, the therapist will gently massage your abdomen to manipulate your organs slowly and carefully. In some cases, you may notice an immediate improvement in the way your stomach feels or even have a bowel movement after your session ends; in others, it can take a few sessions before noticeable improvement takes place.


Another option for those who want to wait to try medication is acupuncture. This relaxing and popular treatment involves the placement of dozens of hair-thin needles in various pressure points on your body. Although there is some debate over precisely how this process works, those who use it regularly often swear by its calming and restorative powers. It is thought by many that these needles trigger nerve sensations that can "reset" bodily systems that have gone awry. This is one reason why those dealing with autoimmune disorders like lupus and plaque psoriasis have found relief with acupuncture. 

Chiropractic treatment

Like VMT, chiropractic treatment involves physical manipulation that can help "release" nerves and tendons that are trapped by scar tissue or other blockages. Because many of the nerves that control the digestive system are located in the same small area of your lower spine, concentrating on adjusting this area can provide you with the greatest chance of long-term relief from your symptoms. Contact a business, such as Integrated Therapeutics, for more information. 


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