gifting and giving massages

gifting and giving massages

Three Types of Massage and Bodywork Techniques for Runners with Lower Back Problems

Greg Jacobs

Runners understand that it's not just foot and knee pain that can plague you after a long run. Often times the pain is in the lower back. This can be due to tight leg muscles, improper foot strike, or just tight lower back muscles that get strained from going long distances. So, if you're a runner, have found that stretching out after a run is not doing the trick, and are still aching after you run, then you should head to a professional massage and bodywork specialist and have them work you out. Here are three methods to try.


This is a soft type of massage the relies on fingers. The name comes from the Japanese term for "finger work." If you have had rough massage in the past and know it's just not for you, then try this. Shiatsu is much softer, but it still will help work out stiff muscles. If you think that your back is sore because you're holding yourself in a tight position for a long run, then besides fixing your posture, you can benefit from gentle massage such as shiatsu. The massage therapist can work on your lower lats, and you will be back to feeling good in no time.

Deep Tissue

If you think you need some really deep muscle work, then go for a deep-tissue massage. One area this is great for is for tight hamstring muscles and really tight lats and serratus muscles. The back of your legs, if the muscles are too tight, can wreck havoc on your back as well, so they need to be worked out. The masseuse will be able to really dig in (using knuckles and elbows, if need be) and work out any deep knots that are making you too tense.


If you're already pleased with your flexibility and think that you don't have a case of tense muscles, then you should check out a therapist that practices cupping therapy. This is the technique wherein the therapist uses glass cups and places them onto your skin. They will often use heat (a lit flame inside the cups which is extinguished before the cup is placed on your skin) to create suction. This suction is meant to stimulate blood flow to your lower back and improve the way it feels.

If you've seen award shows, you will notice many celebs have cupping marks on their backs (Jennifer Aniston and Gwyneth Paltrow, to name two). Cupping is also used by world-class athletes like Michael Phelps. You will have the distinctive marks, but you won't feel the same soreness that you will feel after a session of deep-tissue massage.


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