gifting and giving massages

gifting and giving massages

Help Your Employees De-Stress: Great Benefits Of Corporate Massage Chairs

Greg Jacobs

When your employees are stressed out, their work and your product can suffer. One way to help your employees reset their minds and bodies at work is by offering corporate massages. While you can certainly invest in some massage chairs, there are actually reasonably priced services that will come on-site to your offices. If you are trying to create an incentive program, massages are a wonderful option since they benefit both the employee and you.

Lower Your Absenteeism & Workers' Comp Claims

For instance, even though white-collar workers aren't at a high-risk for workers' comp claims, your employees are at risk for repetitive strain injuries (RSI). Arguably the most well-known RSI is carpal tunnel syndrome. However, if your employees are doing repetitive tasks in any capacity every day, then they can injure themselves which results in absenteeism. And if RSIs become very bad, they may file a workers' comp claim.

Massages help to prevent RSIs since the can increase your blood flow and improve circulation. says that massages can also improve flexibility and release tension. Since many massage chairs have high-tech mechanical rollers which can be adjusted to apply kneading, shiatsu, knocking, and the like, your employees will be able to work out any kinks that could induce injury. And if you have masseuses come in, that's even better since they can really customize the massage for each employee. Even though research about reducing absenteeism is scarce, an old article in Financial times found that there was a $200,000 decrease in claims after one Canadian company started a massage program!

Increase Your Employee Morale & Productivity

Again, the same article says that massages can increase endorphin levels. Endorphins are "happy hormones," since these chemicals have an analgesic response on the body. When employees are happy, they are more eager to work and can actually focus on the task at hand!

A study in the American Psychologist had a group of employees take a 15-minute break, while the other group was given a 15-minute massage. The study found that the group who got the massage was able to complete complex tasks more efficiently. Employees may also improve their health since they may not need to down as much coffee to find needed energy!

Even if you are only providing this benefit once a month, employees will have something to look forward to that can provide a much-needed reprieve from any work or home drama. Talk with a corporate chair massage service today to see if whether permanent chairs for your office are a good fit or if a mobile service is what you need.


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