gifting and giving massages

gifting and giving massages

Why To Consider Prenatal Massage For Relaxation And Help With Pregnancy Aches And Pains

Greg Jacobs

Pregnancy causes many changes to your body that can result in sore muscles, stiffness, joint pain, swelling, and even anxiety. Massage therapy might be a good way to deal with these pregnancy issues. You can find a prenatal massage therapist trained to position your body properly and provide safe treatments that leave you feeling relaxed or energized depending on your goals. Here are some benefits of prenatal massage therapy:

Relieve Back And Hip Pain

Back pain and sciatica are common problems caused by the pressure of your growing abdomen. Massage treatments help relax tense and stiff muscles so your back pain is reduced. You may be positioned on your side for a massage when you're pregnant, or your legs or hips might be supported by pillow wedges. This realignment of your body can even help relieve some of the pressure that causes your back pain.

Reduce Tension And Anxiety

While pregnancy can be a happy time, it can also be accompanied by anxiety. The anxiety might be caused by worry over your pregnancy, taking time off from work, or your finances. Pregnancy anxiety can also be triggered by hormonal swings that result from being pregnant. Massages are a relaxing experience, and that alone can be enough to help you feel more relaxed. However, massages might also cause a release of neurotransmitters that can help balance your mood and reduce feelings of anxiety.

Help With Swelling

Swelling of the feet and legs is common with pregnancy. A gentle massage can help with blood and lymph flow in your body, and in turn, this might reduce swelling. Swelling can also affect your joints, and that can lead to pregnancy aches and pains. Massaging the areas around painful joints might help reduce some of the pain and swelling you experience, so you may want regular massage therapy sessions during your pregnancy.

You should talk to your doctor, especially if you have a high-risk pregnancy, about whether prenatal massage therapy is right for you. Whether you want a massage for relaxation reasons or to help with soreness and pain, your doctor can advise on the right time to start and stop treatments. A prenatal massage therapist has been trained to give massages to pregnant women and knows how to give the various types of suitable massage techniques safely. Find a therapist you like and trust, and you'll be in good hands and on your way to a more relaxed pregnancy. Plus, you'll have a natural way to deal with stiffness, pain, and swelling.


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