gifting and giving massages

gifting and giving massages

Five Benefits Of Deep Tissue Massage Therapy

Greg Jacobs

Unlike ordinary massage sessions, deep tissue massage therapy focuses on your health. Particularly, deep tissue massages are used to help someone who has muscle pain or injuries. Many professional and amateur athletes use it, along with other treatments, to get back to good health as quickly as possible after an injury.

It is called a deep tissue massage, because it involves massaging deep into your muscle tissues, as opposed to just on the surface level. This process allows the massage therapist to target areas that typical massages neglect. While there are many benefits to deep tissue massages, this article will focus on the top five reasons that it is a beneficial practice.

Pain reduction

Like most people, you've probably had a time in your life when you had some form of muscle pain. Whether it was your lower back, leg muscles, neck, or some other area, a deep tissue massage would have helped you to reduce that pain. In a time when dangerous pain medications are being overly prescribed, a non-pharmaceutical solution is always a good place to start.

Healing injuries

The reason that many athletes have a massage therapist on call at all times is that they know about the benefits that a deep tissue massage can give them when they have an injury. When you get a muscle injury, scar tissue will build up deep in your muscles. A deep tissue massage will loosen up that scar tissue and allow your injury to heal.

Reduce stiffness

When you have stiff muscles, you are more prone to injuries. A deep tissue massage will help to reduce that stiffness. When your therapist is working the muscles deep down below the surface, they will loosen up and become more flexible. This will allow you to move around more freely without pulling or tearing your muscles.


Like all massages, a deep tissue massage will leave you feeling more at peace and relaxed. While it typically isn't the goal, it is a great side effect. Being relaxed is helpful when you're trying to recover from an injury, as stress can prevent your body from healing properly.

Mental improvements

A deep tissue massage will help to improve your mental state. If you're struggling with anxiety, depression, or other mental health issues, any form of massage therapy will help to improve those ailments. Stress is a contributing factor to poor mental health, and massage therapy is known to reduce stress.


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