gifting and giving massages

gifting and giving massages

Facial Acupuncture Might Reduce Your Wrinkles And Give You Glowing Skin

Greg Jacobs

You're probably familiar with the use of acupuncture to relieve pain in various parts of your body, but you might not know about facial acupuncture. This is a cosmetic treatment that's used to improve the appearance of your skin and face. Here's a look at this treatment, the benefits you might receive, and how it's done.

Fine Needles Are Inserted Under Your Skin

Facial acupuncture involves inserting fine needles under your skin. The needles stimulate precise points to bring about the desired effect. For instance, the stimulation might relax muscles that contribute to wrinkles. The needles are left in for several minutes, but they are so small that you don't feel discomfort.

You may want to relax during your treatment, but you might be able to read to help pass the time. The room setting for the treatments is usually serene. Tranquil music or background sounds might play while you enjoy the scent of aromatherapy. Facial acupuncture is generally a gentle and relaxing treatment to have done.

Needle Stimulation Could Have Several Benefits

The needles can bring about a variety of benefits. They might stimulate collagen production, and this could soften wrinkles and make your face plumper. You might notice a brighter complexion, improved acne, less sagging, release of muscle tension, smaller pores, and improved facial tone.

These benefits may not happen immediately, but they develop slowly over time as you have multiple treatments over a few weeks. Once you see results, you may want to maintain your appearance by having periodic touch-up treatments. Although the most effective is seen after several treatments, you could notice a slight improvement right away since the needles stimulate blood flow that gives your skin a glow.

Complementary Treatments Might Be Given

You might have this facial treatment alone, or you might combine it with a gua sha treatment or microneedling. A gua sha treatment involves having your skin scraped with a thin stone to move fluids from your face to reduce puffiness and to help sculpt your face. Microneedling involves using larger needles to pierce your skin to further stimulate collagen production.

Facial Acupuncture Is A More Natural Treatment

You might want to try acupuncture before having botulinum injections or dermal fillers. Facial acupuncture is a more natural treatment since it only involves the use of needles. Nothing is injected into your skin. You might be able to combine this facial treatment with other cosmetic treatments, but it's important to let the acupuncturist know what type of treatments you've had to make sure they are compatible with having needles inserted in your skin. 

For more information about acupuncture, contact a local clinic. 


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