gifting and giving massages

gifting and giving massages

  • 3 Signs You Could Benefit From A Sports Massage

    If you are an athlete who has not yet looked into therapeutic massage, then you could be missing out. Many athletes find that having these massages on a regular basis has a big, positive impact on their performance and on their overall lives. These are a few signs that you could possibly benefit from a sports massage by an experienced massage therapist. 1. You've Been Working Your Body Harder Than Usual

  • In-Room Massage Therapy On Your "Babymoon"

    If you're expecting a new addition to your family and have decided to take one last trip for rest and relaxation before the long nights with a newborn as a "babymoon," consider indulging in a massage as a special way to treat yourself. Some hotels and resorts have staff massage therapists who will come to your room so you don't even need to leave to go to a spa setting. Even if your accommodations don't offer a mobile therapist, the concierge may be able to arrange an outside therapist to come to you.

  • Hygiene Tips For Going On Survivor

    After many hours of auditioning, meeting with casting directors, and taking a variety of personality tests, you've finally been chosen to appear on Survivor. It's been a dream for years, and now you have to get ready to fly of to some exotic locale and play the game. You've probably spent time thinking up how you are going to strategize and form alliances, but now you are realizing your going to be on camera in front of millions of people.

  • Help Your Employees De-Stress: Great Benefits Of Corporate Massage Chairs

    When your employees are stressed out, their work and your product can suffer. One way to help your employees reset their minds and bodies at work is by offering corporate massages. While you can certainly invest in some massage chairs, there are actually reasonably priced services that will come on-site to your offices. If you are trying to create an incentive program, massages are a wonderful option since they benefit both the employee and you.

  • Three Types of Massage and Bodywork Techniques for Runners with Lower Back Problems

    Runners understand that it's not just foot and knee pain that can plague you after a long run. Often times the pain is in the lower back. This can be due to tight leg muscles, improper foot strike, or just tight lower back muscles that get strained from going long distances. So, if you're a runner, have found that stretching out after a run is not doing the trick, and are still aching after you run, then you should head to a professional massage and bodywork specialist and have them work you out.

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    gifting and giving massages

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